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Navigating Dating with MS

Dating a woman with ms

Hell, YOU could end up in a wheelchair before she does. I just started using a walker off and on this winter. But he's assured me that he will never see me that way. My sister has chronic health issues, and lives with her partner, who has recently started having health problems of his own, and had to take time off work. Or develop a football sized tumor in your abdoment resulting in the need for a full hysterectomy at the age of 30 like my friend. It may never happen, of course, but it might help to have and to know you have a backup plan. People who haven't been through something similar might talk to you about your relationship as if there is a component of valor to it all; this is artificial and a complete non-entity once you're living with your SO day-to-day, checking restaurants ahead of time to make sure they're accessible, building ramps that lead into the house, realizing that you can't put the gallon of milk on the bottom shelf because he can't reach it as easily. It's part of the living thing.

Dating a woman with ms

McSockerson before we got married, to make sure he was fully aware of the baggage I came with and the sorts of things that may happen over time that we'd have to deal with. The other without a miracle will not. I regret that decision every day. Don't date this woman. Money is a big one, as is a wide circle of support for both of you, time, and access medical resources. Because their income depended on his ability to work, things are uncertain for them right now, and scary. The only difference here is that you're aware of it. If your brain doesn't work that way or you don't come around to that sort of feeling, then break up then. It may never happen, of course, but it might help to have and to know you have a backup plan. Even if things go very poorly for her on that front, it is entirely possible for her to have an fun and fulfilling life. Or you can date and marry someone who doesn't have a known issue, and instead get struck with something out of the blue I am primarily interested in hearing from people who have MS, have a loved one who has MS, or have been in a similar situation to the above. If you like one another then I'd go for it and worry about other things when they come. One friend of mine asked me in regard to my relationship and his illness: So, assuming it does, is this really a good idea? It takes too much energy for me to be sick to worry about that. It's up to you. I wish you peace with your choice. We know plenty of other couples through MS groups who have lived with MS for twenty or thirty years and are only now getting to the occasional walking stick stage, after bringing up a family and having a full life. I married him because I knew he would take care of me no matter what. I think that, as written, your question answers itself. So you now feel like you're giving up that immunity if you get involved with someone with a known illness. If, on the other hand, you find that you simply can't leave her then stop worrying and enjoy your life with her. So, I think it's fine if your values are such that you don't want to stick by someone who got sick or injured or whatever. This article is several years old but lays out well: There is a lot in the neuro literature about prognosis in MS, which can be really hard to predict because it presents so differently in different people. Any person you meet and fall in love with is vulnerable.

Dating a woman with ms

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  1. Milar Reply

    MS is no longer a horror story for most people who are diagnosed. I am currently haunted by visions, in which 10 years down the line I am married and carting my wife around in a wheelchair.

  2. Sasar Reply

    But you sure as hell better be upfront about that with a partner.

  3. Tozahn Reply

    True story, I suffer from clinical depression in a pretty major way, and I am at a high risk for cancer for all sorts of reasons.

  4. Zulutilar Reply

    I've done a fair bit of reading on the internet about MS since all this started, and the more I read, the more terrified I become.

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    I can't put on my own socks right now, or trim my own toenails.

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