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22 Ways How to Revamp Old Furniture #1

Updating old furniture ideas

Try spray painting for an even, glossy finish. Use the old fabric as a template to cut out your new fabric. Upcycle vintage chairs If you can hold a paintbrush, you can definitely manage this one! You know what else is in the past and I hope it stays that way forever? Try revamping it without the need to call in a professional upholsterer. Decorate a sideboard Second-hand sideboards make great candidates for style hacking: Allow it to dry, then repeat. Lie the mirror on plenty of newspaper, making sure the glass is well masked.

Updating old furniture ideas

Paper shelves Wallpaper the back of a cheap bookcase for a shot of uplifting pattern. Secure snugly in place over the stuffing and seat, using a staple gun to pin it to the underside of the seat frame, or upholstery tacks hammered into place. You know what else is in the past and I hope it stays that way forever? Blogger Krys Melo will show you how over at Melodrama. In this bedroom, I kept year-old traditional beds, then dressed them with graphic, modern textiles. What the hell does this have to do with a decorating blog? Louise de Miranda Measure up, fold the corners neatly, and fix in place underneath with a staple gun or tape. Metal tables are durable, but can look utilitarian. First clean the frame, then sand it. So, you can drop off several pieces and have them all sprayed the same color for one set price. Alternatively, paint it in gloss using a small brush, coating the frame thoroughly. The easiest way to update any plain piece of furniture is with bold paint. This tall chest was given a breezy makeover with a lick of white paint and a set of contrasting turquoise handles. Cover your seat Got a tired chair with a removable seat pad? Paint a mirror frame Transform a humdrum mirror into a super-cool one by giving the frame a lick of bright paint. New knobs can make a big impact for little work. Brighten a wardrobe With their blank facades, wardrobes also have tons of potential for adding extra style points. Being that the lines of the chair were simple, all it needed was a streamlined fabric to bring it up to date. I picked up an old chair for a twenty in a junk shop and made a new seat for dollars, but this trick could work equally well with new chairs. A coat of gold paint changes that. Use a primer to ensure a good finish — acrylic-based is easy to use. Well, I often feel that items deemed little-old-man or little-old-lady-ish are often the most awesome pieces simply awaiting creativity for a fresh new look. It sounds obvious, but insert them into the recesses to check they actually fit! Allow it to dry, then repeat.

Updating old furniture ideas

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